Twisted sense of humour

vakargatom a seggem, szépen pislogok, és néha vicceseket mondok


Look at his face. Look at his face! Look at how he loves that ball. It’s the best thing what he’s ever seen. Why does he fight to get the ball and then he brings it back? Why doesn’t he just keep the ball? It’s because they like chasing things, don’t they? A dog is the most enthusia… enthusiastic, is that a word? The most enthusiastic thing on the planet. It just goes- if you go, ‘Do you wanna do this?’ it goes, ‘Definitely. That’s my best thing.’

-Derek Noakes on dogs (Derek)


Philip II: Hol’ up, Don Fernando

Philip II offering Don Fernando to Victory (c. 1570), Titian / Hol’ up, Kendrick Lamar